British Pipe Band Championships - Bathgate


The ScottishPower Pipe Band started their 2013 competition season playing in glorious conditions in Meadow Park, Bathgate on Saturday 25th May. The ideal conditions proved great not only for all bands competing but for the many spectators that came along to hear them play.

For the Grade 1 bands it was the March, Strathspey & Reel discipline that decided the winners of the first major contest of the year. The band played the set - The Conundrum, Blair Drummond & Pretty Marion and produced another solid performance which earned them 5th place overall.

Click on the quality Youtube recording by the infamous DroneChorus to hear the band’s set.

The band look forward now to building on this run for their next competition on the 29th June at the European Championships in Forres, up in the north of Scotland on the Moray coast. Congratulations of course must go to the overall winners Field Marshal Montgomery from Northern Ireland.

All results of the RSPBA website.