European Championships - Forres


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On Saturday 25th June, some 139 bands and 50 Drum Majors headed north to Forres in the north of Scotland for the 2016 European Championships, the 3rd Major RSPBA contest of the year.

The band finished in 5th place overall in what is getting an extremely tight top 6 prize list.

It was the turn of the Medley discipline for Grade 1 and the band were drawn their number two selection:


March – Neil (Teris) Johnstone

Jig – The Shaggy Grey Buck

Slow Air – Malcolm Ferguson

Strathspey – Struan Robertson

Reels – An T- Seann Cailleach  & The Little Cascade


You can listen again to the performance by clicking on the link below. Thank you as always to Drone Chorus for recording the whole contest and for sharing his videos so freely.

 ScottishPower - Medley

Congratulations of course must go to the St Laurence O’Toole from Eire on winning the championship.

The full Grade 1 result was as follows:


1st                 St Laurence O’Toole  - Eire

2nd          Field Marshal Montgomery – Northern Ireland

3rd           Inverarary & District – Scotland

4th           Shotts & Dykehead Caledonia - Scotland

5th           ScottishPower – Scotland

6th           Spirit of Scotland – Scotland


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The full breakdown of all the competitions in all grades can be seen of the RSPBA results page.

Thanks again to RSPBA photographer Peter Hazzard for the picture above of Pipe Major Chris Armstrong receiving the bands award.






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