Salute to the Frontline


New Piobaireachd from Pipe Major Chris Armstrong

Chris writes:

"I had the first couple of phrases for this new Piobaireachd rattling around my head and finally sat down to put it in black and white. I find Piobaireachd to be the strongest genre of our music to convey emotion and music and as it was taking shape I realised that it could be a good way to salute and show appreciation for the immeasurable effort the heros and heroines on the frontline are giving. Caring for the seriously ill, keeping us all going with essential supplies and everyone else who is on the frontline making sure things keep moving in as normal a way as is possible in the current crisis."

"I would like to dedicate this as a Salute to the Frontline to show appreciation for everyone fighting this pandemic on the frontline. Please feel free to share this post far and wide. Thank you!"

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