Scottish Pipe Band Championships


Saturday 19th May took the band to Leverngrove Park, Dumbarton for the first RSPBA Major Championship of the 2012 season.

Over 140 bands from all over the UK and abroad competed over the various grades, with 16 bands competing for the Grade 1 title making it one of the biggest competitions in recent years.

The band was delighted with its overall performance and finished in 2nd place to the current World Champions, Field Marshall Montgomery Pipe Band from Northern Ireland. This confirmed ScottishPower as the top Scottish Band once again. Congratulations must also go to the new players that made their debut at Dumbarton, Pipers Callum Moffat and Matt Spicer. Drummers Dean Smyth and Craig McEwan and Bass Drummer Steven Roberts, well done guys!

The band was also excited on the day to have ‘aired’ their new medley, which is receiving many favourable reports from the army of worldwide followers we now have. The power of the internet is a great thing and fans can now listen to all the HD performances on Youtube.

The band would also like to take this opportunity to welcome our newly appointed Band Chairman, Mr Hugh Finlay who came along to introduce himself and listen to the band for the first time on Saturday. The full result of the Grade 1 competition was as follows:

1st Field Marshall Montgomery
2nd ScottishPower
3rd Inveraray & District
4th Strathclyde Police
5th St Laurence O'Toole
6th Boghall & Bathgate Caledonia

Great rivalry is common place between the bands, however on Saturday an internal issue took place for two of our own bandsmen, Bass Drummer Steven Roberts and Piper Chris Gibb. On the same day as the championship, The Scottish Football Cup Final was also taking place and both players couldn’t resist showing support for their teams by wearing their respective team colours underneath their band uniforms.