ScottishPower recap on Games Week


Many of the soloists in ScottisPower were out and about during Games Week, playing at such highland games as Rosneath, Inveraray, South Uist, Benbecula Young Piper of the Year, North Uist, Airth, and Lochearnhead.

To start with, at Rosneath on Sunday the 17th of July it was David Shedden, Derek Midgley, Gavin Ferguson and Keith Bowes who got in the B light music. David Shedden got a 2nd in the March, Derek a 4th in the March, Gavin a 4th in the Strathspey/Reel, and Keith a 5th in the Strathspey Reel.

At Inveraray on the following Tuesday it was a group effort of Derek, David Wilton, Keith, Gavin who were all in the prizes in the B's and Mael who had a prize in the C's. Derek took a 2nd in the Piobaireachd, 2nd in the March, and 3rd in the S/R. David took a 3rd in the March and won the S/R. Keith took a 4th in the S/R, Gavin took a 6th in the March and Mael took a 3rd in Piobaireachd.

Next it was off to South Uist on Wednesday for Derek Midgley where he took a 2nd in the Piobaireachd, a 3rd in the March, a 2nd in the S/R and a 5th in the Jig to come runner up for the day. On Thursday, in the Young Piper of the Year competition, Derek took a 3rd in the Piobaireachd, won the Hornpipe/Jig and took a 4th in the Strathspey/Reel. Finishing up on Friday, Derek took a 3rd in the Piobaireachd at the North Uist Games.

Back on the mainland on Saturday, ScottishPower soloists were playing at both Airth and Lochearnhead. At Airth it was Chris Armstrong who won both the Open MSR and Open H/J and took 2nd in the Piobaireachd. Mael Sicard-Cras took 4th in the Piobaireachd. Craig Muirhead and David Shedden also took prizes in the Open light music with Craig getting a 3rd in the MSR and David taking a 2nd in the Hornpipe/Jig. Derek Midgley was playing at Lochearnhead and took a 3rd in the Open March and a 4th in the Open Strathspey/Reel.

Overall this was a very successful games week for the band with some great prizes for the band soloists. Congrats to everyone!