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Glasgow Green was again home of the World Pipe Band Championships and this year was the 30th anniversary of the city hosting the event.

Over 8,000 pipers and drummers from across the world came to compete in their various grades with crowds of over 35,000 turning out to listen.

The band finished in 5th place overall and this was a hugely commendable result in what is getting to be such a close fought contest. The result was also an improvement on the 6th position attained at last year’s event.



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The event was recorded by the BBC and will be produced into a television show due to be broadcast on BBC 2 Scotland at 7pm on Wednesday 17th August. It was also streamed ‘live’ over the internet allowing people from all over the world to tune in and enjoy the bands as they play, so many thanks for everyone involved in that.


The band had to play over two days with qualifying heats being held on Friday, 12th August with the final being held on Saturday, 13th.

Congratulations must go to the overall winners on the day Field Marshal Montgomery on is their 11th title, well done!


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Friday - Qualifiers

The band played extremely well considering the cold, wet and windy conditions they had to endure when preparing for and playing in the qualifying heat. They finished in 2nd place with the Pipe corps coming 1st equal to Field Marshal Montgomery and second in ensemble.

Drawn last to play in their heat their performances were at 12:05hrs for the March, Strathspey & Reel, playing:


March -                Royal Scottish Pipers Society of London

Strathspey -          The Bobs of Fettercairn

Reel -                   Loch Carron


Medley at 17:05hrs, playing:


March –            Neil (Teris) Johnstone

Jig –                The Shaggy Grey Buck

Slow Air –         Malcolm Ferguson

Strathspey –      Struan Robertson

Reels –             An T- Seann Cailleach & The Little Cascade


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Saturday – Finals

Thankfully the weather was much improved for the final and this made the playing conditions far more enjoyable and less dreary for the spectators. The band was again drawn last to play and had some great results with a 2nd placing in piping from one of the judges and a 3rd in drumming.


First set was the March, Strathspey & Reel where they played:


March -           The Edinburgh City Police Pipe Band

Strathspey –      Blair Drummond

Reel –              John Morrison of Assynt House


This was streamed ‘live’ at the time over the internet and can be viewed again on the BBC website by clicking the link below:


ScottishPower - MSR


Later it was the Medley and the band played:

March -              Kilmaho

Strathspeys -      The Hill of Garvock & Fiona MacDonald

Reels -              Tail Todel & The Sunshine Party

Slow Air -          Irree Ny Greiney

Jig -                 The Electric Pumpkin


This was also streamed ‘live’ at the time over the internet and can be viewed again on the BBC website by clicking the link below:


ScottishPower - Medley


The overall Grade 1 final result was as follows:

1st           Field Marshall Montgomery – Northern Ireland

2nd           Inveraray & District – Scotland

3rd           St Laurence O’Toole – Eire

4th           Shotts & Dykehead Caledonia – Scotland

5th           ScottishPower – Scotland

6th           Police Scotland Fife – Scotland

Best Drum Corps – St Laurence O’Toole.


The full breakdown of results from all grades can be viewed on the RSPBA Results pages


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More pictures of the band playing at the worlds will be published soon.



John Macleod 1

John Macleod

We said an emotional farewell at the end of the last contest to John Macleod, one of the band stalwarts who is hanging up his Glengarry after 26 years piping with the band.

John led the band off the competition arena after the final medley performance from the Pipe Major’s position and then later as the band marched off after the prize giving.

John is an absolute gentleman and will be sadly missed. He was one of the best attendees at band practice every week and was always one of the first to volunteer for any band job that was on the calendar at home or abroad!

We wish you all the very best John in your retirement from the band and look forward to your continued support from the stand. Thanks John and we hope that the list of household chores from your lovely wife Jinty isn’t too long, or we might see you back!  ;)